Sonic Perspectives Publishes An Exhaustive Disc-By-Disc Review Of “Rumbling Box”


The guys at Sonic Perspectives have published a very extensive review of the “Rumbling Box”  boxset, written by Kris McKoy. I’m honored and thrilled to read how much they liked the set. Among other things they said:

“…Throughout most of its history, Rikard’s Sjöblom’s Gungfly is essentially a one-man band.  Rikard is an insanely talented multi-instrumentalist, singer, and writer who knows no limits.  He can conquer any genre from cool jazz to folk to virtuoso prog to disco pop to thundering metal.  Rikard’s body of work cannot be defined by genre, but a common thread can be found connecting all his material — It’s brilliantly composed and performed.  I can say without hyperbole, I feel he’s the both the Lennon and McCartney of my generation.  Every project he touches, whether it is your style or not, has a tremendous level of compositional mastery showing a clear understanding of what makes great music great.  Most everything he’s written lands as it should. The heartfelt sections are tender, the serious sections are solemn, and the fun sections are a joyous celebration…”

“… This is not just a quick cash grab rerelease of old material to sucker fans into re-buying things they already own.   Even though I already owned four albums included here, the brand new 5th disc and so many bonus tracks easily justify picking up this box set.  I counted 17 songs that were new to me — and good songs too, not scraps from the cutting room floor… Whether you are a long-time Rikard Sjöblom follower, a progressive rock fan, or just a general lover of great music, I’m confident you will fall in love with something new found in this collection.  Open your mind and take a look at the inside of this rumbling box…”

You can read the whole review from this location.